Building a Dedicated Team



When you need to hire dedicated software development team to achieve your business goals, come to Stfalcon for dedicated teams of talented specialists

TECHNO MART teams helps you find, select, hire and build dedicated development teams. These are team(s) of smart and talented IT specialists dedicated to working for you. Together with the customer we decide upon the best mix of vertical knowledge, technical and and soft-skills of the team. And also take into consideration aspects like travel distance, time differences, cultural difference and your company’s working methods and culture.

A dedicated team working exclusively for you. This means:

  • handpicked developers and IT specialists to fullfil your project and business goals
  • with a proven track record and solution oriented
  • an agile teams focused on solving your problems in the most efficient way
  • a development partner you can rely on

13 years of experience in diverse web mobile development gave us a crucial understanding of many specific processes of our work. We readily take on every new challenge from our clients, guide them, and optimize the project until it satisfies their demands.