Our IT Outstaffing Process

  • Assembling a Team
    • When we get an inquiry about a specific job, we look for the most suited people from our pool of talent. We then send their CVs to you, so you are properly informed as you hire a team of developers who impress you.
  • The Agreement
    • After the team is selected, we will move on to the technical side of the agreement and what it entails. As an IT outstaffing company, we take care of the team. All you have to do is pick the best candidates and get started on your project.
  • Setting up the Project & Beginning
    • Together, we will discuss the project details, the management and communication tools to be used in making the process transparent and easy to monitor. When the agreement is signed, and the process is set up, the team moves into action and start working on the project.

How we work

The Workflow of Our IT Outstaffing Company
Step 1

We delve into your vision, company objectives, and difficulties in order to compile a list of the best-fit candidates.

Step 2

 Using X-ray vision, we meticulously check our list and provide you with a CV of prospective applicants within 24 hours.

Step 3

You interview the prospects you’ve chosen and determine whether or not they’re a good fit.  We’ll be able to go on once you’ve chosen the best-fitting ones.

Step 4

The X-Moment has arrived! Your prized crew is on high alert for the project’s launch.